Nd4 – Nf6


1 And the LORD said to me, “Son, tell your cooks to make the soup spicy.
2 For it shall warm the frigid soul. Even the hearts of those who are bitter.
3 But it shall produce boils upon those who rebel; who trust in oppression and lies.
4 Pestilence shall spread between man and beast, as in the days of Egypt.
5 And it shall be made clear to you as to who are my true servants.
6 Those who have humbled themselves as little children shall come to me in pure hearts.
7 Yet those who practice evil shall be separated like sheep from goats.
8 I have prayed for you, so that you may receive the blessings I have prepared for you.
9 I shall make you shine brightly and cast a shadow on those who love evil.
10 You shall be made great, for you trusted in the work  of my Spirit, and not the strength of your hand.”
11 Give thanks to the LORD; for he is merciful. He has trained us as a Father does a child.
12 He has made it fitting for us to share in His inheritance. Now we are co-heirs in the kingdom of Light.
13 The time for the restoration of all that is at hand. How will the ushers of healing be treated?
14 They were rejected & despised, but I shall sit them on High says the LORD.
15 I am with you wherever you go. In every nation you visit, I will protect you. 16 No longer shall you seek counsel from men from afar, for you shall know me. 17 My wisdom shall be within reach, as a plow in the hand.
18 Do not betray your neighbor at the intersections, where you must cross. 19 You shall help those who are escaping corruption.
20 And save those who are ensnared by the enemy.
21 You shall protect those survivors along the islands.
22 For the LORD provides relief for all who are stressed.