Nf3 – d5


1 This message is for Dorian:
You once dwelled in a city that’s peaceful;
where favor abounds and love excelled.
2 Those memories carried you as you
endured distress in displacement.
3 You wandered as you experienced
pressure from the outside.
4 A great sense of lost was felt
as you were separated from your prized possessions;
5 Those things that were passed onto you
from past generations; even your ancestors.
6 You looked on as your kinsfolk were kidnapped,
and no one believed your witness.
7 Thus says the LORD God,
You shall no longer seek by yourself,
I will send you help.
8 You will have the last laugh
in the face of those who mocked you.
9 And those who have raised themselves
against your cause shall stumble and fall.
10 O Israel, have you given yourself
over to the one who seduces you?
Who tells you you can have and receive in full?
11 Listen not to any faithless voice.
Keep away from the harlot, and your righteousness
shall exceed the numbers of the sand.
12 For I drew you from the waters;
I looked after you from the time of your birth.
13 Delight in me, and I will
cause you to beget your deepest desires.
14 Remember how I have delivered you;
I spared you from unbearable troubles.
15 You have not experienced the wrath
spoken of by the prophets.
16 Mercy has been shown to you
according to the sacrifice of Christ.
17 Listen to Me nations!
Take heed to my word!
18 Guard my sayings for they are faithful.
19 Colored robes are for those who live;
celestial as they are baptized into Christ.
20 Man has not revealed this illumination;
neither can they enlighten you through sheer will.
21 For brilliance is not found in learning,
in the instruction of worldly systems.
22 It is found in Me says the LORD.
I will reveal myself to all who comes to Me.