Qd2 – c6


1Thieves may come; the swindler and plunderer may arrive; you may be destroyed but not altogether consumed.
2Behold the robber steals for themselves, they leave the victims helpless, and shamed for their plight.
3The gleaners of grapes are heard among villagers. They will come and reap the first fruits.
4Because of their lies, they are destroyed. The honey they desired has ravaged them. For the leper they despised is guarding their nation;
5Whoever leaves the jurisdiction shall be ripped apart, because their lawless deeds are many, and none keep His commandments.
6They have backslidden to a bottomless pit.
7Now as I was meditating on God’s Word, I acquired advice for the times ahead; even as I sat among the spiritual assembly.
8And the judgements of Christ went forth as lightning upon the earth. The LORD is displeased with grave and august men.
9As every one was stingy in mercy to another, so the LORD will be merciless to them.
10Those who are friendly shall remain in the paths of pleasantness. There shall they find the joy of the Beloved.
11Go now in the ways of the Law! Love and keep the ways of Faith! For the LORD will deal kindly with you.
12Those who have imposed taxes; those who have made levies, shall be paid for in full.
13Hope shall fill the Land as people find assurance in Christ.
14And the Good News shall spread; like a vaccine in a pandemic.
15The nations shall become sound; from the crown of their head, to the soles of their feet.
16So shall my church have all things in common. And their donations shall be holy to Me.
17Those who do not give freely of their resources cannot dwell in my congregation.
18 Neither does the one who does not walk in my word.
19 Take note of those who do not bear my mark. Have no fellowship with them.
20Speak to the children of Israel: Those who have been branded with my Truth shall find bliss all the days of their lives.
21Even in the midst of intense suffering, they will obtain favor.
22For the purposes of Christ stand forever, and His passion shows pity to the poor believer.
23Nevertheless, curses remain for the apostate. They will be tormented for their waywardness.
24 Death shall pang them, like a dilapidated house. The loving kindness of the Father shall abandon them.
25 Let the humble be beside themselves, and the sound become confused. For it is in service to Me, says the LORD.
26The gifts of knowledge and discernment are for the body; for correction in thought and unity of soul.
27They shall be gathered together in rest; like a herd flocking in the mountains.
28Now children, The saints shall be strong in the LORD; they will be as athletes for the games.
29They watch closely their ways and increase in speed and agility.
30Let the godly procure wealth in their homes, and restore stability to the nations.
31They shall sing loudly in their living rooms and their voice shall be heard in the streets.
32My praise shall be their deliverance, but to the ungrateful and treacherous it sill be their destruction.
33Who has stripped the cedars off the bark? Who sapped the sweetness from the cores?
34Thus says the LORD: Magistrates shall hear of the works of my servants. They shall fear as I speak through them.
35Princes and rulers shall flock to My children, to hear of the wisdom and knowledge hidden from the ages.
36These are the words from the mouth of the LORD.