Chapter four

1Now in the days of the data breach, James sent Grant to repair the wall and open the Gates;
according to the Promise given through the Prophecies.
2And Grant traveled to Texas as James instructed him,
giving him the blueprints he received from Luke.
3When he approached the guardians of the Tree,
they confronted him saying,
“By what authority do you come here, and how
did you find this place?”
4And Grant responded, “I was sent here by James,
servant and general of the Third Division.
5Grace and peace be among you, and
receive our spirits in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ.”
6And the word of the LORD came to the guardian,
“Only those who are strong and established can enter here;
7Those who are full of Life;
who are pure in heart and seek God’s face continually.
8They shall escape the corruption 
of the world through vigorous faith.
9 But the LORD will have mercy and rescue 
those who are weak, yes even poor in spirit.

By Amanda the Jedi

10 When James received news that Grant would be stalled,
he prayed before God,  11 “Father, I am sure you have called us into 
your Marvelous Light. You have brought us
to the door that requires stillness. 12 Now O Lord, root us in the truth that gives
Everlasting Freedom.
13 For your Door is not closed from the distressed,
but open to all in the faith.
14 Hurry and come to us,
so that the Evil One may not prevail.
15 In honor of God Almighty, Amen.”
16 So James continued to teach
his students in the ways of Christ,
and they were strengthened as God blessed them.
17 And the slaves that heard his word were set free,
for they shared the spirit of love and faith
with all purity.
18Those who are in Christ are One.
And they are over, through, and in all.
19 When they fall into thorny patches,
they will be unscathed.
They will remain intact as the LORD keeps them.
20 Neither silver or gold shall be a distraction,
nor shall they be scammed by swindlers.
21 For they have received all things in the presence
of Christ, who in wisdom shows them
the right and true way.